Do your franchise sales team a favor...

It’s wise to take advantage of the latest tools, tactics & techniques to optimize your lead funnel.

No offense, but I’m hard pressed to find a franchise sales department that can “do it all” and do it right, especially when it comes to lead gen & nurturing.

It’s because they mostly don’t get that it’s all about the “journey.”

Think about it.  What is the experience really like when a  candidate (aka your next franchise rockstar) learns about your opportunity, to the moment you have your first video call… and be selfish, what was it like for you?  

I genuinely hope it’s persona-driven, data rich, results-oriented, consistent, meaningful, personalized, on brand and so on.

Getting there is not rocket science, but it is a discipline that requires a mixture of passion, principles, technology, agility, and creative flare.  

So what’s the secret sauce?   Here are a few fundamental tips that you could start to implement tomorrow, with or without our help:

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