The biggest picture in customer experience

Turn customer experience into your biggest competitive advantage and make the complex customer journey a simple one.

Today, the customer journey is as complex as it’s ever been. Hardly anyone thinks of it as someone else’s problem within a company, or isolated to the customer service department.  Those days are long gone. Today the customer experience (Cx) is everyone’s responsibility and must be considered a true “journey” that is affected by every stage of your value chain, and contemplate in every phase of product, service or new business model design and development.  It simply can’t be an afterthought or just one person’s job.  

50% of product investments will be directed to Cx innovation and a recent TSC survey found, 60% of organizations see customer service as the top source of competitive differentiation in the next 3 years. 

Understanding your “customer’s journey” in terms of how and when they engage with you, is also critical. Every channel they use, everything they see and experience, the product they touch and how they touch it or interact with it, what kind of service they get before and after a purchase, how easy things are to use, are all incredibly important elements of the journey and of the experience overall.

We are not without a story around a poor customer experience. Have you ever travelled by plane?  If so, then how many times can you say to yourself, “Really? Wow, this whole experience was terrible.” And look what happens when an experience goes sour:

When you engage with customers to develop new products, services or business models, work with them from innovation to implementation with their needs being a common thread that pulls the entire cycle together.  The experience you want to create up front and then ensuring it is threaded through the entire cycle is critical.  Never lose sight of that for one minute. 

There is no better time than right now to start asking what your customers are feeling and if their journey is an exemplification of a superior customer experience, that can’t be touched by your competitors. 

Now go on, be extraordinary.

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